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Doing the Heavy Lifting

SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2009 Doing the Heavy Lifting I hadn’t noticed things had gotten out of hand until my daughter started jiggling my upper arms when she walked by. How did that flab get there? Oh, no: I’m prematurely bat-winged! I suppose I was deluding myself, assuming that my aerobic activity was taking care of

Time to Move On?

TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2009   Time to Move On?   As the boat glided down the Pere Marquette River, steam slowly lifted off the water and vanished into the chilly morning air. Suddenly, we heard a strange banging sound. It sounded like a crazed maniac hitting a metal pie plate with a spoon. “That’s a

Listen Until I Don’t Exist

SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2009   Listen Until I Don’t Exist   Think about the implications of this phrase for a few moments before reading on: “Listen until I don’t exist.” Consider how closely and carefully you must listen to someone until everything else falls away and you’re not thinking of anything else (especially not yourself).

The Way to Wellness

SUNDAY, APRIL 5, 2009 The Way to Wellness Have you ever thought about scheduling vacations and time for yourself before you schedule work- and family-related tasks and appointments? It’s not selfish—it’s self care. And it’s what personal wellness is all about. What have you done for yourself lately? Maybe you’ve been too busy doing for others. Helping

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