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What Moves You? Find Physical Activity That’s Fun

MONDAY, MAY 25, 2009   What Moves You? Find Physical Activity That’s Fun   There is joy to be found in moving your body, but traditional activities like walking or working out at the gym may leave you flat. Don’t take it lying down! In recent years, the workout world has exploded with innovations. If

Super Snacking

SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2009 Super Snacking Snacking has a somewhat sordid reputation. That’s because it’s often associated with overindulging in foods like chips and dip, cookies and pop. But, chosen wisely, snacks can actually improve your health. Healthful snacking can: Provide needed nutrients Help maintain energy and brain power Keep hunger in check (making it

Celebrate Your Successes

SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2009   Celebrate Your Successes   When you accomplish something, do you take time to celebrate? Do you take at least a few moments to acknowledge the time and effort you’ve invested—to bask in the self-proclaimed glory of your success, no matter how small, before moving on to the next task? Treat

Our Own Little World

MONDAY, MAY 4, 2009   Our Own Little World   A few months ago, several of my daughter’s friends stayed overnight. During breakfast the next morning, one friend remarked how surprised she was to learn that the basement floor was concrete, not stone tile. I explained the faux paint technique I had applied to the

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