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Eating Well with Ease

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2010   Eating Well with Ease   I’m not one to get attached to inanimate objects. I didn’t have a blankie, never named my cars and don’t have a shoe fetish. Nevertheless, I love my bread machine. My grandma gave me a bread machine as a wedding present in 1992. She asked me what

The Colon Cleansing Craze

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2010   The Colon Cleansing Craze   I really don’t want to think about colon cleansing. Of course, I’m forced to think about it when my doctor orders a colonoscopy, but other than that, I gladly put it out of my mind. Colon cleansing is not necessary. In fact, colon cleansing is

How to See Clearly Now

SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2010   How to See Clearly Now   If you’d like to get a clearer idea of what you want in life so you can feel engaged in the present and excited about the future, but you’re not keen on New Year’s resolutions or goal setting, a vision board may be the

Tea Time

SUNDAY, JANUARY 3, 2010   Tea Time   Drinking tea is one of the best ways to chase away the winter chill. Tea is just so…friendly. It’s warm, inviting, soothing and quite possibly good for you. And what could be easier to prepare that a pot of tea? You’ve probably heard about the health benefits

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