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300 Things I Love

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2011   300 Things I Love   I have a list of 127 things I love—so far. Why the list? One of the assignments that my daughter received in her psychology class was to list 300 things she loves. The teacher offered no explanation as to the goal of the assignment and

Fret-Free Feeding

To take the stress and struggle out of feeding, trust your child’s appetite, eating, and that her body will turn out the way nature intended.

How Do You Love You? Count the Ways

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2011   How Do You Love You? Count the Ways   Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. While you were out buying cards and gifts for others, did you get anything for yourself? I did. I bought a lovely new shade of lipstick, easy-off mascara (perfect because I don’t like messing with makeup remover),

Ditch Distracted Dining

If you do more than eat and perhaps participate in pleasant conversation, you’re doing too much.

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