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Child Feeding and Weight: The Right Stuff

What’s harmful and what’s helpful when it comes to child feeding, weight and the parents’ role?

Life Unplugged

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011   Life Unplugged   Rushing and multitasking is the M.O. for many of us these days. We’re hot-wired into our smart phones, iPods, laptops and more. I marvel at my daughter as she surfs the net on her laptop, texts on her cell phone, and watches TV out of the corner

Moms are Role Models for Daughter’s Food Attitude, Eating Behavior and Body Image

Moms are role models for their daughter’s attitudes and behaviors related to food, eating and body image. Here’s how moms can make a positive impact.

The Scoop on Snacks for Kids

Well-chosen, planned snacks are important for children’s health.

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