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Another reason to be careful in the kitchen

“Most people think of foodborne illness as an unpleasant few days of fever and diarrhea, but for some there may be lifelong consequences.” So begins an enlightening—and slightly frightening—article in the April 2012 issue of Scientific American, “Food Poisoning’s Hidden Legacy.” Because of recent, highly publicized cases of foodborne illness from beef, cantaloupe, soft Mexican-style

Weighing Heavy on Your Mind

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Judith Matz, LCSW, director of The Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating, Inc. and co-author of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care. The book’s subtitle makes you want to hug yourself, doesn’t it? First, throw your scale in the trash; then hug yourself.

How to take charge of your life

The mind is an incredibly powerful force – some of it untapped. For instance, many of us don’t use our imaginations to help improve skills such as public speaking or sports; help improve health; or consider better ways of doing things such as how to react to events. According to research, if we did, we

Yoga may bestow yet another health benefit

  If you’ve resisted trying yoga thus far, you may want to reconsider and roll out a sticky mat – the only piece of equipment that’s required. More and more research suggests that practicing yoga on a regular basis has mental and physical health benefits. To date, studies suggest that yoga may help:   Improve

Aging with Grace and Strength

I have renewed hope that I will remain physically active and healthy into my 80s—maybe into my 90s. Recently, I saw that it’s certainly possible, thanks to a group of fabulously fit older ladies. In order to prepare to write a story for Healthy & Fit magazine about fitness for older adults, I visited the

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