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Absolving the “Dirty Dozen”

Have you stopped buying certain fruits or vegetables due to concerns about pesticides? According to the Alliance for Food and Farming: • 60% of consumers are very concerned about pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables • 17% have stopped purchasing particular produce or are purchasing less because of these concerns However, the Alliance for Food

Sweeteners: What’s In a Name?

When it comes to many things in life, we want it all. The same is true of sweeteners in our food and beverages. According to recent consumer research, many Americans want sweeteners that taste great, are natural and have zero calories. That’s where things get sticky.  A few sweeteners fit the bill, but these sweeteners

How to Save a Life

I’ve been reading a lot about eating disorders lately and have talked with several registered dietitians who specialize in treating eating disorders—research for an article I’m writing to update dietitians on available resources. I’m familiar with the topic as I’ve written before about eating disorders in boys and men. However, a few facts startled me,

How to Treat a Tree

Trees do so much for us: Provide shade and fruit, purify the air, produce phytoncides, reduce erosion, offer branches for climbing and swinging . . . and much more. In return, it’s important to treat trees right. One particular practice–using mulch correctly– “could save the lives of millions of trees,” says garden designer Florence Boogaerts in

Welcome back, salmon

For my mental and physical health, I’ve been trying to get more omega-3 fatty acids in my diet. It’s all about reducing out-of-control inflammation in the body which research suggests may be a risk factor for the development of many chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease and some types of cancer. According to

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