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Sweet Pea Serenity

During a recent visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I experienced the awesome sights, smells and sounds of nature every day: The colorful sandstone cliffs and Caribbean-blue waters at Pictured Rocks, the Lake Superior shoreline at Grand Marais making its way in sweeping curves along rocky beaches toward the sand dunes and sandstone cliffs, and the

Beauty in My Own Backyard

When confusion or pain seems to tighten what is possible, when sadness or frustration shrinks your sense of well-being, when worry or fear agitates the peace right out of you, try lending your attention to the nearest thing . . . Give your full attention over to the nearest patch of life–to how an apple

In the Beginning: The Nature Journal

Inspired by nature itself as well as the book, Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie—who, by the way, makes sketching nature look deceivingly easy—I started a nature journal of my own the summer of 2007 during our family’s first lakeside retreat to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. For a full week, we stayed in a

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