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Another reason to be careful in the kitchen

“Most people think of foodborne illness as an unpleasant few days of fever and diarrhea, but for some there may be lifelong consequences.” So begins an enlightening—and slightly frightening—article in the April 2012 issue of Scientific American, “Food Poisoning’s Hidden Legacy.” Because of recent, highly publicized cases of foodborne illness from beef, cantaloupe, soft Mexican-style

Eating Well with Ease

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24, 2010   Eating Well with Ease   I’m not one to get attached to inanimate objects. I didn’t have a blankie, never named my cars and don’t have a shoe fetish. Nevertheless, I love my bread machine. My grandma gave me a bread machine as a wedding present in 1992. She asked me what

Fit & Frugal, Part 2: Eating Well in Tough Times

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2009   Fit & Frugal, Part 2: Eating Well in Tough Times   Eating right doesn’t have to break your budget. In fact, many foods rich in nutrients (good-for-you foods) are also affordable. Adam Drewnowski, director of the Nutrition Sciences Program at the University of Washington in Seattle, suggests relying on basic

Serve Brunch to Ease the Christmas Day Crunch

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2008   Serve Brunch to Ease the Christmas Day Crunch   Christmas day brings a whirl-wind of activity: Searching for signs that Santa scarfed the milk and cookies, wrangling with wrapping paper and bows, and making meals. Instead of rushing around all day and missing out on together time, make feeding the

Now You’re Cookin’

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2008   Now You’re Cookin’   If you’re looking for a way to cut food costs and eat healthier, a little bit of home cooking can go a long way. Sure, it takes a some time, but so does eating out (consider travel time, waiting to be seated, waiting to be served,

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