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What We’re Meant to Be

The books I’ve been reading are trying to tell me something. I’m listening. First it was Quiet which helped me understand that a predisposition to introversion has many merits and that it’s perfectly OK to be “the quiet type.” Now it’s Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani which helped me understand what my purpose

What’s Your Not-So-Superpower?

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2011   What’s Your Not-So-Superpower?   Even though each of us has at least one thing we’re good at, it’s human nature to dwell on the things we’re not so good at. As a result, the inadequate feelings about what we’re not so good at can overshadow and diminish the ability for

300 Things I Love

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2011   300 Things I Love   I have a list of 127 things I love—so far. Why the list? One of the assignments that my daughter received in her psychology class was to list 300 things she loves. The teacher offered no explanation as to the goal of the assignment and

How to See Clearly Now

SUNDAY, JANUARY 10, 2010   How to See Clearly Now   If you’d like to get a clearer idea of what you want in life so you can feel engaged in the present and excited about the future, but you’re not keen on New Year’s resolutions or goal setting, a vision board may be the

Success and Single-minded Determination

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2009   Success and Single-minded Determination   A few days ago my daughter and I were sitting at the table eating dinner. She seemed pensive, pushing pasta around on her plate. At the moment I started to wonder what was troubling her, she said, “Mom, I just realized that I’m not the

Ask a Question . . . Any Question

SUNDAY, JUNE 14, 2009   Ask a Question…Any Question   Several years ago, after listening to a certain Aerosmith song, my husband asked me, “What does jaded mean?” I thought: It means me. But I said, “I think it means that you feel like you’ve been there, done that, and you’re disenchanted with the world.” Not a

Play to Your Strengths

MONDAY, MARCH 30, 2009   Play to Your Strengths   I’ve never felt comfortable in the spotlight—it’s not my nature. But, I once accepted a job because it involved a considerable amount of public speaking. You may wonder why I purposely tortured myself. I thought my aversion to the spotlight was a weakness and a

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