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When the Desire to Eat Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

Do you feel that you are what you eat? Do you feel like a “good” person when you eat “good” foods and a “bad” person when you eat “bad” foods? Keeping overall nutrition and health in mind when making food and beverage choices is a part of eating well. But it’s possible to take “healthy eating” or “eating

Make Your Home a “No Body-Bashing Zone”

How you feel and what you say about your own body affects your kids. As parents, we want so much for our children: We hope they have a positive sense of self, good friends, a rewarding career, a loving partner, and [insert your other hopes and dreams here]. So we do the best we can

Planet Pain or Planet Peace?

I recently spoke to a women’s group about mindful eating. I thought you might like to listen in. Thank you for inviting me to talk with you today. As one who  experienced the pain of self-imposed food restriction many years ago, but who now experiences the pleasures of savoring the food I love, I’m excited

Weighing Heavy on Your Mind

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Judith Matz, LCSW, director of The Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating, Inc. and co-author of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care. The book’s subtitle makes you want to hug yourself, doesn’t it? First, throw your scale in the trash; then hug yourself.

The Bottom Line about Body Weight

Instead of worrying about weight, focus on the physical activities and nutrient-rich foods you enjoy.

Six Steps to a Healthy Weight

Getting enough nutrients such as fiber, calcium, vitamin D and protein from food may help with weight management. Read on for six more ways to a healthier weight.

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