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Water with a Twist

Guest post by Mary Lamp, BA Exercise Science, Eastern Michigan University dietetics undergraduate More than 60% of the human body is made up of water, and most humans can only go one week without it. Water aids the body in maintaining homeostasis, a constant internal physiological balance (see 5 fast facts). Water is also extremely

Yoga may bestow yet another health benefit

  If you’ve resisted trying yoga thus far, you may want to reconsider and roll out a sticky mat – the only piece of equipment that’s required. More and more research suggests that practicing yoga on a regular basis has mental and physical health benefits. To date, studies suggest that yoga may help:   Improve

Aging with Grace and Strength

I have renewed hope that I will remain physically active and healthy into my 80s—maybe into my 90s. Recently, I saw that it’s certainly possible, thanks to a group of fabulously fit older ladies. In order to prepare to write a story for Healthy & Fit magazine about fitness for older adults, I visited the

The 10 Essentials for Outdoor Excursions

SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2011   The 10 Essentials for Outdoor Excursions   My husband and I hiked the Little Carp River Trail in the Porcupine Mountains on three separate occasions, trekking 11-14 miles during the course of the day. Each time, we believed we were prepared, especially the third time after I read about the

Kayak Your Way to Wellness

SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2010   Kayak Your Way to Wellness   …let the river take it all away the mad pace, the hurry the troubles, the worries just let the river take them all away flow away… -Natalie Merchant, “Where I Go,” Tigerlily “Why are you smiling?” my husband asked. I hadn’t realized that I’d been

Your Brain on Exercise

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2009   Your Brain on Exercise   If you’d like to give your brain cells a boost (and why not?), you’ll be interested in the recent surge of research on brain function and health. Although Americans now spend $80 million yearly on “brain exercise” products such as Sudoku puzzles and computer games,

Go With the Flow: Injury-free Walking and Running

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2009   Go With the Flow: Injury-free Walking and Running   Although ChiWalking and ChiRunning have been around for more than five years, I just came across the concept at Ken Andrew’s Really Be There booth at the 2009 Healthy & Fit Magazine Expo in Lansing. Ken Andrews is a local certified ChiWalking and ChiRunning instructor and Really Be There

Buddy Up to Keep Up with Exercise

MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2009   Buddy Up to Keep Up with Exercise   If it weren’t for my husband, I probably wouldn’t run on a regular basis. Once I get going (actually out the door), I’m fine. It’s the initial hurdle of changing into running gear that somehow morphs me into a rag doll in

What Moves You? Find Physical Activity That’s Fun

MONDAY, MAY 25, 2009   What Moves You? Find Physical Activity That’s Fun   There is joy to be found in moving your body, but traditional activities like walking or working out at the gym may leave you flat. Don’t take it lying down! In recent years, the workout world has exploded with innovations. If

Doing the Heavy Lifting

SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2009 Doing the Heavy Lifting I hadn’t noticed things had gotten out of hand until my daughter started jiggling my upper arms when she walked by. How did that flab get there? Oh, no: I’m prematurely bat-winged! I suppose I was deluding myself, assuming that my aerobic activity was taking care of

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