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Make Your Home a “No Body-Bashing Zone”

How you feel and what you say about your own body affects your kids. As parents, we want so much for our children: We hope they have a positive sense of self, good friends, a rewarding career, a loving partner, and [insert your other hopes and dreams here]. So we do the best we can

No time for family meals?

Too busy for family meals? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Bullying: What’s a Parent to Do?

5 ways parents can help prevent or deflect a bullying situation.

Kids’ Just Desserts

Parents: When you serve dessert, it should be served with the meal, not after. Here’s the why and the how.

Moms are Role Models for Daughter’s Food Attitude, Eating Behavior and Body Image

Moms are role models for their daughter’s attitudes and behaviors related to food, eating and body image. Here’s how moms can make a positive impact.

6 Reasons to Scrap Your Scale

You’ll be healthier and happier if you don’t allow the number on the scale to rule your world.

Made to Move

The best philosophy for physical activity is a common sense, relaxed and easy approach. Not “Just Do It,” but rather, “Do It If You Enjoy It”.

Ditch Distracted Dining

If you do more than eat and perhaps participate in pleasant conversation, you’re doing too much.

At Ease with Eating

Learning to get in touch with feelings of hunger and fullness, trusting yourself and eating what you enjoy is at the heart of eating normally. It’s necessary in order to be a good role model for healthy eating.

Eat Right, Your Children Are Watching

It may seem like your kids give more credence to Dora the Explorer than you, but the truth is, your kids are watching you–and they’re learning to do…what you do. Parents who recognize this have a wonderful opportunity to teach their children well.

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