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Get Help for an Eating Disorder: The Sooner the Better

Get Help for an Eating Disorder: The Sooner the Better by Karen Giles-Smith You may wonder why a person with an eating disorder can’t simply “snap out of it.” On the surface, the cure seems easy: “Just eat,” or “Stop overeating,” or “Stop purging.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Eating disorders are disorders

Is it an Eating Disorder? Parents, Trust Your Instincts

Your son or daughter is behaving differently around food and seems preoccupied with his or her body shape or size. Should you be concerned? Yes: These behaviors and attitudes may be signs of an eating disorder. Eating disorders—including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder—have serious medical consequences. It’s crucial to know the signs

The Damage Diets Do

Wasting so much time and energy going on and off weight loss diets is a sad thing. (Just think what would be possible if all that time and energy was devoted to people’s passions instead!) But worse is that weight loss diets cause serious and lasting harm. The damage diets do is summed up beautifully

Have a Picky Eater? Don’t Panic!

Is your child a picky eater? Take heart: Here are several tried-and-true tips to help parents cope and children thrive.

The Gift of Giving

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2009 The Gift of Giving I recently read “The Giving Cure” by Cami Walker in the November 2009 issue of Body & Soul magazine. The article is adapted from her newly released book, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. Walker’s book is a memoir of that month: The month she gave

A Healthy Relationship with Food

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2008   A Healthy Relationship with Food   Sometimes when chatting about food and eating, the person I’m talking with looks at me askance and says, “Well, youdon’t need to worry about what you eat.” I don’t. But I don’t worry because I choose not to. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not immune to food

Food Attitude

Food Attitude   I love food. I mean, I really love food. I whole-heartedly agree with Ellyn Satter, social worker and registered dietitian, who says, “Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures” ( Eating something delicious is like a whole-body sensory experience for me. And, as often as possible, I eat food I either know I’ll enjoy

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