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What We’re Meant to Be

The books I’ve been reading are trying to tell me something. I’m listening. First it was Quiet which helped me understand that a predisposition to introversion has many merits and that it’s perfectly OK to be “the quiet type.” Now it’s Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani which helped me understand what my purpose

A Tribute to Quiet Types

In Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, she says: If there’s one take-away from this book, I hope it’s the newfound entitlement to be yourself. Hello, my name is Karen and I’m an introvert. I’ve been myself for seven days. So . . . what happened

This Being Human

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2011   This Being Human   Not only can I not think of anything worth writing about, but I’m in a mood and want to spare you, dear reader, from the angst that will surely infect my writing. So, instead of my biweekly blog post, I’ll share the wise words of Rumi,

Making a Bad Mood Better

SUNDAY, AUGUST 14, 2011   Making a Bad Mood Better   I’ve come to realize that a bad mood isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After many years of trying to talk myself out of “bad” moods or chastising myself for having them (“I shouldn’t be feeling this way. What is wrong with me? This is

Why Hide Perfection?

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2010 Why Hide Perfection? Halloween is over, but most of us insist on wearing costumes every day. My virtual closet has a costume for every occasion. Those I rely on most often are: Clipboard Girl (AKA Everything’s In Order: Don’t Mess It Up) Serious Sue (AKA This is No Time for Fun

The Problem with Positive Thinking

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2010   The Problem with Positive Thinking   In my previous post, I mentioned that my mind tends to default to negative thoughts. Of course, this state of mind is no fun and I would like to find a better way. Anyone with me? Over the last several years, I’ve been plagued

Brewing Thoughts

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2010   Brewing Thoughts   This week I attended the first of a series of “Wisdom Heart” classes taught by Lisa Davidson, a social worker in the Lansing, Michigan area. The program is designed to help people live life in a way that honors their greatest wisdom and deepest heart—their sense of

Write it Out

SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2010   Write it Out   Through writing, there is an amazing power to heal. As a teenager, you may remember pouring out your heart to your diary. It turns out that, even for adults, journaling is a productive way to process and deal with life issues. In fact, research shows that writing about

Feeling Stuck?

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2008   Feeling Stuck?   What do you do when you feel stuck: When it seems nothing is working out right; you’re spinning your wheels; you’re drained of ideas, motivation and energy? If you fight the feeling instead of going with the flow, you’ll probably end up frustrated and exhausted… The next

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