“I began working with Karen in the fall of 2015. Over the last year I’ve taken a deeper look into what nutrition means to me. Finding a nutritious journey has been tough for me. Karen helped me identify my nutrition needs so I could feel better physically. Eating has always been a struggle for me. With Karen’s help I have found some confidence in this area of confusion. I still have work to do, but with Karen’s help, I have gained more control over my journey” - Laura K.

“Karen, You were a godsend for me after struggling for several years to find a healthy balance in my life. Although I enjoyed my job, it required putting in long hours and left no time for a normal home life. Thank you for your support and guidance during those challenging times.  I wish I’d known sooner what a wellness coach could do for me. I don’t think enough people know about wellness coaches and how they can provide that extra help for people like me who cannot do it alone.”– Rose B.

“Karen, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me. I am grateful for your participation [as a coach in Healthy & Fit magazine’s Healthy Lifestyle Challenge] and feel blessed to have been able to work with you. Because of the information you provided me, and with your steady support and guidance, I feel I know what I need to do to be healthy and fit. I am confident that I can finally quit dieting and maintain a healthy weight by actually eating–a very powerful and freeing feeling for me. I have really enjoyed working with you.” – Christine D.

“Although I had most of the resources and information I needed to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy food, I was lacking some confidence and the additional support. You catered to my specific needs, while challenging me to face new obstacles with food. You’ve made my health and nutrition seem so simple, and that is an amazing feeling after struggling for many years. Thanks again!” - McKenzie H.

“Karen, you have been incredibly helpful and resourceful to me! I have been particularly grateful for your guidance and wisdom regarding weekly meal planning, mindful eating and navigating my nutritional needs for managing early menopause without synthetic hormones. You have an open, non-judgmental approach to coaching and nutritional counseling that empowered me to trust my instincts, nourish my body and relinquish my negative self-talk about eating. The time we spent establishing a strong foundation for wellness guides my day-to-day decision making about food and exercise. I know that I can access you for assistance, resources and encouragement when I need or want it. Thank you for being part of my wellness journey!” — Nikki O.

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